3 principles of donation : anonymity, gratuitousness, and consent

Three fundamental principles govern the donation of bone marrow in France: anonymity, free consent, and gratuitousness.

Bone marrow volunteer donors registered with France Greffe de Moelle Registry enter into a consensual, anonymous and disinterested act.


French law makes anonymity mandatory for donations of all human products (bone marrow, blood, organs, gametes). When a donation is made, the donor does not know who the recipient will be, nor will the recipient know who made the donation.


When the donor is contacted by the national Registry to make a bone marrow donation, and before providing his/her blood stern cells, he/she must go to his/her local « Tribunal de Grande Instance » [District Court] in order to confirm that he/she freely consents to the bone marrow donation. This formality allows the record of the donor’s free consent to the marrow collection and attests to the fact that he/she was properly informed about the procedure. This consent can withdrawn at any moment.


No payment is made to the donor. His/her donation is free.
For its part, the health centre collecting the marrow pays for all examinations associated with the collection, all hospital fees, travelling expenses and, where applicable, compensation for any loss of income incurred by the donor.

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