Conditions of registration

Anyone can become a volunteer donor and can decide to give a patient an additional chance of being cured. However, it is essential the following conditions to be satisfied :

Donors must :

  • be in perfect health ;
  • be aged between 18 and 50 at the time of their registration (although donation remains possible up to the age of 60) ;
  • agree to complete a health questionnaire and provide a blood sample.

Some medical contra-indications may make donation (and therefore registration) impossible.

See the contra-indications

A serious commitment

Registering with the bone marrow donor registry is a considered personal decision that involves a serious commitment :

  • The donor agrees to make him/herself available and to make the necessary arrangements when the time comes for the marrow collection.
  • Until that time comes, the donor comitt him/herself to inform France Greffe de Moelle Registry at the « Agence de la biomédecine » of any change in his/her state of health or address.
  • The donor may withdraw from the Registry at any moment without giving any reason.
  • The donor agrees to donate for any patient in France or abroad.

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