At the initial medical interview, the donor centre physician asks each donor about his/her state of health. For the safety of the donor and that of the patient who might receive the donation, specific conditions must be satisfied before being registered as a bone marrow donor. The following are the main factors that make registration impossible :

cardiac disorders, arterial hypertension, respiratory disorders, diseases of the nervous system, history of cancer, metabolic disorders (diabetes, hepatic insufficiency), treatment with anticoagulants, history of phlebitis or pulmonary embolism, dorsolumbar problems, neuromuscular disorders, serious allergies, being overweight, and more generally any long-term taking of medication (apart from contraception).

However, a history of blood transfusion is not a contra-indication for donation.

There may be other medical contra-indications. The pre-registration medical interview will allow the donor centre doctor to determine whether you can make a bone marrow donation in complete safety for you and the patient.

It is a essential to take as many precautions as possible, for both the donor and the potential recipient, so that bone marrow donation continues to be a safe and effective act.

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