France Greffe de Moelle Registry

Created in 1986, the french France Greffe de Moelle Registry* is searched for patients who need a bone marrow transplant but do not have a compatible donor among their siblings. It manages all bone marrow volunteer donors registered all over France, who currently number around 180,000 and the cord blood units stored in the French cord blood banks (N=9000).

*It is managed by the « Agence de la biomédecine », dependant or directly linked to French Health ministry.

In liaison with transplant physician, donor centres and international registries, the French registry centralises donors and patients data and coordinates the organisation of stern cells collections for the benefit of all patients, wherever they are located in the world. It guarantees the anonymity between the donor and the recipient.

The France Greffe de Moelle Registry is an active member of the World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA), gathering 71 international registries (covering 13 million donors in 60 countries), which issues recommendations and specific quality standards for registries. It was the first registry to be accredited by the WMDA in May 2004, and has recently had its accreditation renewed.

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